About the story

This is, in part, a remake of an older story of mine that I love dearly. On occasion, I've gone back to the original version to read and while I enjoy the story, as time passed I came to realize that the art didn't age well at all. My skills the first time around weren't good enough to bring this idea to life properly. Hopefully, I can do better this time.

Willow's Tale began in November, 2012. It was a short story that I scribbled a rough draft for in a small sketch book. I drew the first part, The Tale of Willow and Wren, and called it a night...until it occurred to me that perhaps more is needed for the story to feel complete. So I decided to write more the next day, closed my eyes, and promptly got up to write the rest of it.

I drew the first story digitally and posted it over the course of December, 2012. I drew the rest throughout January. 2013 and posted it during February. The original version still lives where it was posted. Even though the original art is far inferior to what I can do now, it's still a precious memory of my first steps into comic writing.